If you believe in forever...

If you believe in forever...

In 1974 The Righteous Brothers recorded an song called "Rock and Roll Heaven", the first line was "If you believe in forever, then life is just a one night stand."

Over the years I'd entertained thoughts of writing a book, memoirs, lifes story, etc. At first I thought I'd title it "I believe in forever." Time went on and I've still not written a book but decided on a blog for now, and thought "life is just a one night stand" was a better hook.

One night stand has several connotations, to a musician it's a show, to a man and woman it sometimes is just an over night fling. When I look at "life is just a one night stand" I also think of the line "If you believe in forever." When I accepted Jesus as my savior, I believe I inherited eternal life, and thus I can believe in forever and I know that by comparison my time here on earth can bee seen as a one night stand.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Heavy Metal Thunder....

A guy I work with Dave Smith is an awesome artist in my opinion and for several years several years I've wanted him to do me a custom guitar.  Roughly 3 weeks ago I went to The James for an unscheduled cystoscopy. I decided then that life was to short, I along with my brother stopped at a place called Music Go Round and I bought a B.C. Rich Warlock.  Before I had time to get attached to my new guitar I took it to Dave and told him what I was thinking.  

The design represents what is very near to my heart.  Some say the upper image looks like a dove, others a Harley logo. Truth be know it is actually a U.S. Air Force logo.  If you've heard me preach or know me well, you know that probably the only thing closer to my heart than the U.S. Air Force is Jesus.

The lightening represents the power of God and the three crosses the crucifixion.  As a Pastor I often looked at Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter as "cookie cutter" sermons, the story never changes so how hard can it be? Right?  Well as a Pastor you are always looking for a different angle on the "same story." 

Last Easter while sharing about the crucifixion, resurrection, etc. Luke  23:39-43 spoke to me in a different way.  There were three crosses on that hill, 2 sinners one each side of Jesus to whom we do not give much thought.  Rather we focus on the center cross Jesus hung on.  
It occurred to me that even though it may not be on a cross we all eventually face death and must choose a "cross" to bear. We can either choose to mock Jesus  with our last breath or call on him as the second thief chose to do when he simply said "Lord remember me when You come into Your kingdom" to which Jesus replied "Assuredly I say to you, today you will be with Me in paradise."  Which cross will you choose?  Will you live or die? Check out this song, Heavy Metal Thunder by Messiah Prophet.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back in time....
Last night I went back in time, no Delorean, no 88 MPH, no flux capacitor. 
Since getting out of the Air force I've always had some sort of facial hair. First it was a bushy beard, then a goatee and my latest experiment a mustache that extends to the bottom of my jaw.  All of these require a certain degree of shaving.
If you've shopped for razors you know anymore everything is "disposable." and is not cheap. They still have the single blade Bic, usually good for one use if that, some other styles and features- four or five blades, replaceable  blades, ones that require batteries, have a single blade on the back for "fine trimming" and of course another trend is the moisturizing strip.  Finding a good razor to me can be a chore, but I do like a good shave when I do. I've even found a barber who will shave the back of my neck with a straight razor.
Tired of pouring over the many disposable razors, I'd decided it was time to go back to the double edged safety razor.  You can find the blades almost everywhere, but finding a razor itself is almost unheard of. I'm spoiled in some ways, I could have ordered a safety razor online, but I would rather wait to find one in a store so I could have it now. So after thinking a bit and looking online, last night I went back in time. During my online search I'd found a store would be opening soon at Polaris, "The Art of shaving" Call me narrow minded but I was just a shade hesitant to go in, it had the "boutique" look much to fancy for me, but after handing over several Jeffersons I walked out with a safety razor and 10 blades. Hopefully this will give me a great shave and end the battle of which throw away to buy.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Seven months ago today a DR. yanked a catheter from my body and told me to sit down.  I was three days away from my 51st birthday and with one word my life was changed forever, some say my world was turned upside down. That word was cancer. 

As I sit here thinking about what to write I'm not focused on cancer but on the statement "my life was changed forever."   If an event occurs, such as cancer, that "changes my life forever" does that mean previous events that "changed my life forever" no longer have an impact on my life? I don't think so. 

Nearly 27 years ago I became a member of what I consider to be the oldest fraternity known to man.  I enlisted in the Air Force and became a Veteran, "my life was changed forever."  I served for roughly 6 years, 7 months and 14 days and will tell you as I have told many it was the best time of my life. I got to work ground support for Air Force One under Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr, ate bologna sandwiches with Barbra Bush and was sent TDY to provide ground support for Mike Dukakis who was running against George Sr.

Over 40 years ago I met a man named Paul Fox, he taught me to ride a unicycle and was like a father to me. He taught me things such as "catch your seat, attention is an impulse not an order"  and to "always keep two fingers together." Did this change my life forever? In a sense it did, whenever I watch olympic figure skating, gymnastics or the like I always find myself watching to see if the person is holding 2 fingers together.

Nearly 35 years ago "my life was changed forever," and it has stuck more than any other life changing event. On Feb. 18th, 1978 I accepted Jesus as my savior. It wasn't about attending a class, joining a church or what religion my parents were. It was a simple process of confessing to God I was a sinner, asking Him too forgive me and surrendering my life to Him. This was an event that truly "changed my life forever." Have I lived a perfect life since? No. This event not only changed my life, but gave me the assurance of eternal life.  

Has cancer "my life was changed forever" or "turned my world upside down?"  Maybe for now but as far as forever only time will tell.  

Some may wonder about the picture, it is a patch from my dads unit, he served with the 7th Army in Germany during WWll.  He was also a Marine during the Korean War. Since it was seven months ago I was diagnosed I thought "why not"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Closing time ...Again.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings' end."
That other beginnings' end is chemotherapy. On Monday July 16 I made a trip to MMMC/ the James  (Martha Morehouse Medical Center). The day included a CT Scan, some blood drawn, an MRI and finally a visit with my Oncologist.  

The blood work looked good, all of my numbers were up, the CT Scan and MRI showed nothing. 

The DR. Scheduled another appointment for 8 weeks later, 6 weeks after surgery to remove my bladder - the "new beginning" after the "other beginnings' end."
So what does this new beginning entail? For starters a trip to MMMC for a pre-op assessment, followed by surgery at the James Cancer Center to remove my bladder and reconstruct using my intestines. after surgery comes more time off for recovery, trips to MMMC for follow up and depending on how things go I will be back to work around the first of October. 

Things will not get back to normal when I do return to work, but rather a new normal.  Check back often or click  "follow" to keep up with whats going on.